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Volunteer at School

All volunteers are to follow the procedures provided by LAUSD in order to volunteer in the classrooms. Visit the LAUSD School Volunteer Program webpage to apply.


Morning Traffic Control
In order to keep our children safe and to ease the traffic flow during morning drop-off, volunteers are needed to man the drop-off line.  Two people are needed for each shift (7:50am – 8:15am), Monday – Friday.  If you are able to help out with this duty, whether it’s once a month or once a week, please contact the office.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

In the Classroom
Depending on the individual teacher’s needs, parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom.  To find out about specific volunteer opportunities in the classroom, speak with your child’s teacher.

Teacher Assistance Program (TAP)
If you don’t have a specific class to volunteer in but have a few minutes of free time, we encourage you to participate in the TAP (Teacher’s Assistance Program).  Volunteers assist teachers with copying, cutting, and laminating.  To find out more information about TAP, or to volunteer, leave a message in the PTA box.

El Oro Way has a very active PTA that is involved in raising money, providing support, and sponsoring programs and events that benefit the overall education of our children.  Whether it is volunteering to chair an event, serving as a committee member, doing behind the scene work, or helping out the day of with an activity or fundraiser, El Oro Way PTA needs you.  To find out more about the activities & events that PTA sponsors and how to volunteer, click here.

School Governance
The School Site Council & Charter Governance Councils are mirrored as per annual waiver from both LAUSD and UTLA. The responsibilities of the council includes:

  • Schedule of school activities and events, and special events schedule
  • Staff Development Program
  • Student Discipline Guidelines & Code of Student Conduct
  • Guidelines for use of school equipment, including the copy machine
  • Following local budgetary matters:  Instructional Materiel, Charter Block Grant, Charter In-lieu of Grant
  • Revises and recommends annually the Single Plan for Student Achievement by examining student achievement data; including proposed expenditures of funds allocated to schools that receive categorical funding
  • Review the School Safety Plan
  • Advise in training provided to parents

English Learner Advisroy Comittee (ELAC) 
The ELAC's role and responsibilities are as follows:

  • To participate in the development of the school plan
  • To collaborate with the schools EL coordinator on the Master Plan implementation, school needs assessment, language census, parent involvement and staff development.
  • To assist with efforts to make parents aware of the importance of regular school attendance.

Recess and Lunch Yard Monitors
Please call the office and speak with Ms. Osawa to schedule to become a volunteer on the playground. 

Habitat Classroom
More about our Habitat.